What are my logo style options on T-Shirts, Polos, and Caps?

caps logo Options polos style t-shirts

We offer both print and embroidery on all of our t-shirts and polos, and embroidery only on our caps. It is possible to combine the two if desired. For example: Embroidery on the front of a polo, with a larger print on back. We offer two types of print, and one type of embroidery on all of our T-shirts and Polos. Two styles of embroidery are available on our caps. Tell me about the different print styles. We offer both oil and water printing on all of T-Shirts and Polos. Oil printing will provide the most accurate color representation, and works well on any color shirt. Water printing can be more comfortable, as the print is softer and more flexible, however, the print colors are generally less saturated and may appear somewhat faded. Depending on what you want, this can be a great look. Unfortunately, it does not produce acceptable results on darker colors. As a rule, we recommend that water printing not be chosen on fabric colors other than white. It can produce really good results o


I think you can do anything these days. As for me, I like printing on t-shirts a lot too, and I often use the blank ones from https://www.gotapparel.com/c-1-t-shirts.aspx for this purpose. I think you will find them interesting to you too, have a look there 🙂

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