what are online games?

Eda Rutter Posted

what are online games?

Dalton Issa

Those kinds of games which need an Internet connection for playing them are known as online games. Some examples of these games are
The Great Massacre
Left 4 Dead
Burning Wheels
The Masterpiece Murders and
13 Days After

Tom Clark

Online games are simply games that you play on the Internet. You cannot play them on your computer. If you play them on your computer, it is considered to be an offline game. A Facebook game would be an online game as you can only play when you are connected to the Internet. Once you put it on your computer, it has become an offline game. 


I doubt that the question has anything to do with casino games, seriously 😀
MMO games are usually considered online games, but as the game itself is installed on the PC it’s not a completely online thing.  On the other hand, there’re browser games, which usually are arcades or simple RPGs. You may see a bunch of such games here, for instance, free unblocked games.

Jenni Pinto

I started to play old Prey https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prey_(2006_video_game) a week ago, it’s an old game but I heard many positive reviews about it. At the current moment I can say that it’s a good one, has really interesting plot and playing interface, however it’s really a scary one and rather specific in case of plot so I can’t recommend it to everyone. Atmosphere in it reminds me in many ways famous Alien VS Predator games and they’re really scary.
I’m also trying various online games for poker and Coyote Moon slot because I adore gambling and was curious to check the virtual types of it. In general they’re nice but there’s so much scam for them that I’ve become tired of checking firstly every game I tried… Live casinos and so on seem better for me but maybe my opinion will change in future.


It’s basically simple games that are playing online. I was playing online casino https://www.jetwin.com/en-us  It’s really interesting and a lot of people are playing different games like this.