What are oxychlorine compounds?

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1 Answer

Virtually all traditional oxygen supplements and oxygen additives use oxychlorine or hypo-chloride com-pounds (salts of oxygen) to stabilize (bind) the oxygen molecules together. These compounds usually include high concentrations of chlorite (chlorine dioxide/ClO2) as well as chlorate (ClO3). There is little evidence that indicates that chlorite and chlorate may indeed release oxygen in its nascent form as O2 into the body as these ions are theoretically broken down into O2 during the digestive process by hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the stomach. This theory has not been scientifically proven. Unlike the traditional approaches to oxygen supplementation, Liquid Oxygen is based on the dissolved molecular oxygen (as O2) formulation instead of salts of oxygen formulations. Our proprietary manufacturing processes create molecules rather than bonding oxygen molecules to various salts. This process is a completely unique and a totally different approach to creating a safe yet effective ...
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