What are Peter Apatow’s credentials?

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3 Answers

Peter is a patient advocate who has learned to naturally manage a serious arthritis condition he has had for over 20 years. Peter has extensive business experience and his strength is in bringing together leading companies, medical professionals, and researchers to advance joint health education and research and develop clinically effective products. Peter led the 5 year development of the product Supple, and Supple Powder. more
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If Peter Apatow has such experience and credentials, why can't I find out anything more about him than Supple?!?  Could he be Kevin Trudeau after plastic surgery?


One thing I know about Peter Apatow, other than the fact that he's the president of Supple, is that  Dr.       Monita Poudyal, the woman who hosts the Supple infomercial, is his WIFE!   Most people probably watch the infomercial 'live' and don't have a chance to read the fine print.  My wife, however, recorded it.  I'm assuming that, by law, the fact that she's his wife must be disclosed.  But who sees it??  It's flashed on the screen for literally a few seconds along with other disclosures.  Well, now you know something about Peter Apatow that very few people know.

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