What are proper hygiene guidelines used for shooting, and what are three shotgun sports?

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(Kelsey Buckmaster) Scout shooting sports are supervised and controlled by trained range masters in each BSA council, and carried out only at BSA camps. This is a case where contacting your local council service center is the way to go. Dear Andy, I'm a mom helping out with a Denali Award ceremony; there are five Scouts getting it. We really don't know what to do. Have you heard of any cool ceremonies for this award? (Barbara Larsen, Great Salt Lake Council, UT) The Denali Award is certainly significant, especially for five young men at once! I'm not aware, however, of any particular "published" ceremonies for this award. You may want to reach out to your stake president and ask him to check around with others! Your council service center may have someone who can give you some suggestions, too. Best wishes and congratulations to those Varsity Scouts! Dear Andy, Are boards of review held only when a Scouts ready for advancement, or can our Advancement Chair hold one to discuss merit ...
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Always check your merit badge book!!  Your answer is on page 32 of the new mb book.

Basically:  Don't eat and drink while shooting.   Be sure to wash your hands and face after a shoot.  If you've been shooting for hours, change your clothing to ensure you don't ingest lead dust and raise the lead quantity in your system. 

Good Luck on earning your merit badge!!

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