What are RAW Food-Chelated Minerals?

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1 Answer

Chelation is a naturally occurring process in the body for transporting minerals across the intestinal wall during digestion. Common inorganic forms of trace minerals may interact with lipids, proteins, fiber or other minerals, inhibiting absorption. When minerals are bound to chelating agents such as amino acids, they become more stable and are much less reactive in the digestive tract. RAW Food-Chelated Minerals are minerals that have been bound to raw rice amino acids making their structure more akin to food, designed to enhance mineral absorption and improve bioavailability. 11. Why does RAW Prenatal include ginger? A: RAW Prenatal provides ginger, which has been traditionally used to ease the common digestive discomforts typically associated with pregnancy, such as morning sickness. http://www.healthfoodemporium.com/prod_page.php? more
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