What are serged edges?

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1 Answer

Serging is a method of finishing the edges of area rugs cut from roll goods by use of heavy, colored yarn sewn around the edges in a close, overcast stitch. Our tufted wool area rugs are machine-finished with a “serged to blend” overcast stitch, using a yarn that closely matches the yarn of the rug (click here for image). A narrow fabric binding applied beneath the stitching adds strength and helps to keep yarns in place. Note: Our tufted wool rugs are machine-finished with a “serged to blend” overcast stitch (see above). Because even the corners are machine-finished, there may be a little variance in the thread tension, sometimes causing the serged edges to appear uneven in spots. This is normal and not considered a defect—hand serged corners take much longer (and cost considerably more). more
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