What are similarities and differences between World War 1 and 2?

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WW1 began after years of military building up of all the principal nations. There were alliances resulting in 2 large blocks facing off against one another. Eventually arguments escalated until war was unavoidable. It was called the first industrial war because it saw the first major combat use of the machine gun, the submarine, and the tank. The battle lines were mainly static and in trenches so there were relatively few theaters of conflict. A fortunate by product of this is that most of the casualties were military. WW2 has sometimes been called WW1-Part 2 because it was the peace treaty in 1919 that directly led to the discontent and massive economic hardships that were especially harsh in Germany. This is what gave the backdrop for the rise of Naziism. Anyway, WW2 saw a massive surge in military technology, battles were far more fluid, there were many theaters of conflict and, by far, the majority of casualties were civilian: Mainly through area bombing, genocide, collateral ... more
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