What are some challenges I might face when emigrating to another country?

FrankDBell Posted

emigrating to another country…


You’ll probably be faced with a lot of new challenges when you move abroad. Some of my biggest challenges include:

  • Culture Shock

I moved from Europe to Asia and the way of life here is very different. For a few months, I felt very isolated and homesick, and I found it hard to fit into my new surroundings. After a while, I started to adjust to the new culture, and it felt easier for me to understand the people around me and feel comfortable.

  • Medical Issues

I also found it hard to get medical treatment when I first arrived. Not only did I find it hard to communicate with doctors, but I also came from a country where medical care was free. Luckily, I chose to invest in expat health insurance before I left home, but it still was hard to get used to the new medical system in my new country.