What are some examples of social beliefs and social values?

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Values are the general concepts around which a society organizes itself and creates social beliefs. Values include very broad ideas that lay the groundwork for behavioral expectations. Examples include such things as freedom, private property, etc. Using these values, we can create expectations for behaviors that include not stealing from people, and not coercing them to something against their will. Social beliefs are the expectations around which we organize daily social life. They are also called norms. Norm is an umbrella term for expectations for behavior that emerge from our values. There are a variety of types of norms ranging from the most liberal to the most strict. The most liberal are called folkways. These are common rules of conduct such as manners. Violating these norms might get you funny looks, but there is no formal sanction. Mores (more ays) are strongly held norms that are usually--though not always--codified into law. Violation of a more will generally incure a ... more
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