What are some good wedding present ideas?


wedding present ideas…


Buying wedding presents can be quite hard because it’s important to try to be unique. Otherwise, the bride and groom will end up with 70 toasters and nothing else. When I go to weddings, I always try to buy one of the following gifts:

  • A personalized item

If I know the couple very well, I always try and get them something with a personal touch. A lot of the time, I will have something engraved with their wedding dates. Recently I bought a personalized map from online map company offering cartographic services. The map showed the location of their wedding venue and the couple really loved it.

  • Experiences

Another great option for wedding gifts is experience vouchers. Couples don’t just want to use their wedding presents for cooking and cleaning, and romantic experience days can be a good alternative. In the past, I have bought hotel stays and afternoon tea vouchers as wedding gifts.