What are some of the symptoms of the disease called pretty leprosy?"

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Clinical aspects, lepromatous leprosy There are countless disseminated macules and/or skin nodules, with blurred outlines and sometimes joining to form larger plaques. No tendency to central healing is seen and there is no hypopigmentation, although sometimes a "copper colour" is present. The infiltrated skin nodules do exhibit less or no anaesthesia, but numbness develops in the hands and feet. The skin infiltration may lead to diffuse skin thickening, chiefly of the ears, lips and forehead ("lion’s face" in LLp). In Mexico, the diffuse variety of leprosy is sometimes called "pretty leprosy" because it tends to iron out the wrinkles in the skin, restoring a youthfull appearance to the patient. Infiltration of the mucosa leads to chronic rhinitis with epistaxis, septum perforation and destruction of the nasal cartilages. The tongue is thickened and there may be hoarseness. The upper incisors become loose and often drop out. There is often loss of the eyebrows (madarosis) and ... more
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Diffuse Lepromatous Leprosy : Diffuse lepromatous leprosy or "Pretty Leprosy" is a form of leprosy that takes place when effective cell-mediated immunity fails to develop in patients with leprosy. The earlylesions of lepromatous leprosy are multiple, symmetrically distributed, ill-defined macules and papules. The macules are shiny and may be perceptible only when viewed in obliquely incident sunlight. Plaques and nodules ultimately develop, and in some cases only diffuse waxy infiltration of the skin may be seen (diffuse lepromatosis). more

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