What are some pros and cons of sustainable agriculture?

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http://www.ageducate.org/news/misconceptions.html A very good source for getting the other side of the story can be obtained from the link above. This is an educational kit from the American Farm Bureau Federation dealing with many misconceptions about agriculture. You will always be able to find lots of individuals and groups who have what they consider to be good ideas about where all the problems in the world come from as well as all the answers to these problems. The truth is that modern agriculture is necessary to feed the world's population. Our technological advances and highly productive management practices can be credited for the standard of living enjoyed by all those compaliners. Sustainable agriculture would be nice. However, it would be quite difficult to achieve on a worldwide basis. One of the reasons, of course, is that of politics around the world. Even in the US we may never see widespread sustainable agriculture because our citizens are free to operate their ... more
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