What are some side braid hairstyles?

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What are some side braid hairstyles?

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I wear a Romantic fishtail; it’s like it’s made for flirting. You can mess around with your hair carelessly and give faint signals to anyone nearby. Make a side ponytail and secure it with a hairband. Split your hair into two bundles and let it go. You have two bunches, but where is the third one? Wrap hair strands from the area next to the opposite braid and use that as the third bundle. Keep doing this until you run out of hair, and don’t forget to keep pulling your hair down. When you get to the bottom of the braid, use an elastic hairband to secure it, and then remove the top bar. I found this method at myhairbraiding.com, and maybe you can find some other ways to

Frank Davis

Hi, I strongly believe that there’s nothing more unique, comfortable, and practical than natural braids for any women. They can make every natural-haired lady look different. Check out this resource https://lovehairstyles.com/black-braided-hairstyles/ for some more tips and pictures

Masha Esina

all you need is just some beads and your ready to go for any party or traditional function you can create this hairstyle in just 5 minutes