What are some stereotypes about Catholics, and why?

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To start off with, I am going to give you a little of my background so you know where I am coming from. I was raised Southern Baptist but gave up on it when I was about 12-13. I am now not really into religion, however I do think there is a power greater then myself out there. Now for the answer to your question: 1. Catholics do not read the bible. (this was true in the middle ages when most people could not read or write, it does not hold true today.) 2. They prey to Mary and the Saints. (they really ask them to pray for them, as in a Hail Mary. "pray for me, a sinner, now and at the hour of my death") 3. The priests are all perverts. (There are as many perverts in other large churches, a lot of the storys are all coming out because people are hearing about them and asking there kids about it. If the same stories came out about jewish leaders, the same thing would happen, the more that come forward, the more will not be scared to tell there stories.) 4. They belive the Pope to be ...
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