what are songs that relate to the book "The Giver"?

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You are like, maybe only the third person I have ever known to actually read "The Giver". Good on you!!! I would do anything for love The Logical Song Bittersweet Symphony Something's Not Right Here Of course the song I find most interesting, although it was not written for the book (the authors of the book nor the song probably didn't even know anything about the other) seems most appropriate nonetheless: The Giver The Secret Handshake - - The Giver song lyrics The Giver lyrics It's a little overwhelming To think about how life isnt as easy as we hoped While the bills keep pouring in It's hard to fill you in Between the work place and dispair We all know it isn't fair It's not time to call it quits 'cause you know you got nothing to lose 'cause they're the ones who wont make it And it's not cool But it'll be over soon And you wake up at six With your eyes partially open And stumble off to work On the problems of your life And when you stumble home From the job that you despise There' ...
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