What are specific grantee/bidder/offeror responsibilities with regard to Buy America?

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1 Answer

Grantees shall adhere to the Buy America clause set forth in the grant or cooperative agreement with FRA. Grantees shall include an appropriate notice of the Buy America provision in solicitations or requests for proposals. As a condition of responsiveness, such solicitations should require that the bidder or offeror submit with the bid or offer a completed Buy America certificate in accordance with the suggested format below. If upon being awarded a particular contract, a successful bidder or offeror fails to demonstrate that it is in compliance with its certification, the bidder or offeror should be required to take the necessary steps in order to achieve compliance. If a bidder or offeror takes these necessary steps, it should not be allowed to change its original bid price or the price of its final offer. If a bidder or offeror does not take the necessary steps to achieve compliance and the contract has not yet been awarded, it should not be awarded the contract. If a contract ...
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