What are spirochetes?


Spirochetes are spiral organisms (bacteria’s), which tick spit under the skin. They need a lot of time to settle in the body. They are hidden because of their sleeping state. In this state the spirochetes can’t be killed by antibiotics. So they can show up again after treatment. That’s why you should be treated during a long period. After antibiotics, 10% of the patients, who got rid of the spirochete, were still infected. But it seems the solution to this mystery is found. Recent discoveries show that the spirochete contains a protein which can also be found in human cells. The human being makes antibodies against spirochete proteins, but with doing so, also against their own cells. An auto-immune disease develops, which causes arthritis. According to an article in Science, this new knowledge might make it possible to develop a vaccine to protect against Lyme’s disease.