What are Super Lice?

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Super lice are lice that have become immune to the pesticides normally used in lice treatments. Where did they come from? Super lice are basically normal lice that have become resistant to the pesticides. Since lice only live 30 days, one year will produce 12 generations of lice. Over the many years as people have been using pesticide-based solutions to kill lice, the lice have grown stronger and stronger. Eventually two or three lice survive the pesticide and they procreate. Their offspring is now also stronger and able to resist the pesticide. And they procreate. The problem is that we cannot put any stronger pesticides on human beings because it is also dangerous for us.... especially children and we all know that children are the ones that are most susceptible to lice. These super resistant to pesticide lice are now what we call super lice. How does this treatment kill super lice? Since we are not pesticide-based, lice cannot become immune to our product. Through the careful ...
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Super lice are infestations of head lice that do not respond immediately to the usual commercial products formulated to remove the lice from the hair. Over the years, there are those in the medical community that warned that it was only a matter of time before the advent of super lice came to be. Other medical professionals reject the concept of super lice and believe the resistance has more to do with the individual than with the lice. The theory behind super lice is that over time, strains of lice have built up an immunity to the key ingredients in over the counter lice removal products, such as shampoos. Proponents of the super lice theory note that it is not unusual for any type of insect to acquire an immunity to a given product over time, and that there is no reason to assume lice are not capable of that same level of adaptation. There are several different chemicals used in various lice removal products. All of them are considered to be insecticides. Such chemicals as ... more
Super lice are common head lice. What is uncommon about them is that they are becoming increasingly resistant to the treatments that parents have been using to combat them on the heads of their children. Researchers point out that super lice have been becoming immune to the insecticides that can be purchased in over-the-counter and prescription products. According to Shirley C. Gordon, an assistant professor at Florida Atlantic University, super lice are now able to adapt to these new products in as little as three to five years. The Problems with Super Lice All lice, including these so-called super lice are itchy and uncomfortable. Children can also cause sores to their head if they scratch too hard and too much. Surprisingly, while super lice are uncomfortable and unsightly, they aren't that dangerous and they don't carry disease. They are mainly disgusting and incredibly difficult to get rid of once your child has them. more

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