What are the 12 steps for serving a table as a server?

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1 Answer

At the restraunt I work at, the 12 steps are: 1) Greet the guest when they walk in the door. 2) Greet the table within 60 seconds and take drink/appetizer order. 3) Bring appetizer, take food order. 4) Bring food set-ups. 5) Entertain your guest. 6) Secret Service- Anticipate your guests needs (ie, mustard for their sandwhich, drink refills, etc). 7) Bring food to table. 8) Check back in 2 bites/2 minutes. 9) Golden rule- no hands free (when pre-bussing tables, always take as much as you can carry). 10) Suggest coffee/dessert. 11) Promptly bring check, 12) Thank guest when leaving. more
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