What are the abcs of Durango?

abc durango

What are the abcs of Durango?

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Here is a little gift from me to you. We all know the obvious ways to spend time around Durango: the train, Mesa Verde, Chaco Canyon, Purgatory, the Community Recreation Center. This is how the locals spend their day off. It is a very active day of swimming, a little bit of hiking, and water fall and/or bridge jumping. A is for Adrenaline Falls on Lime Creek just past Durango Mountain Resort. Some people fish here, some swim here. It is hard to find, but really beautiful. The other attraction is that you can jump up to 60 feet high (or much less) off the cliff wall next to the falls B is for Bakers Bridge. A beautiful swimming and sunning/picnic spot on the Animas River with an optional bridge jump about 40 feet high. River side rocks provide jumps of any hight for the fear impaired. C is for Cascade Creek. It is about 400 yards long in a beautiful slot canyon which is travelled by walking through the creek and jumping a series of falls that ends with the tallest at about 12 feet high.

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