What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chemical Fertilizers And Insecticides?

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Advantages of Chemical Fertilizers:- We need more food to feed increased population. This is only possible through high yielding varieties of food grains and other food materials like Oilseeds, Sugar, Fruits etc. All these things need nutrition through roos - from soil. These nutritions in large quantity can only be fortified to soil through use of Chemical fertilizers. Organic - manuaring is just not possible because of many limitations. Disadvantages of Chemical Fertilizers:- Excess or uncontroled use can spoil the soil properties, Osmatic pressure, pH, Conductivity and water holding capacity. It may also affect adversly on population of micro-organisms and other parameters. Advantages of (Chemical) Insecticides:- Insects are required to carry out polination in their last stage of life - butterfly. But excess population of insects as larve damages crop in large quantity. This affects the yield and quality of food grains for humanbeings. Precise use of insecticides / pesticides ... more
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