What are the advantages and disadvantages of Fiber Channel and iSCSI storage technologies?

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Either can deliver an architecture for delivering video and images which will stress the MB/seconds limitations of your storage frames rather than the I/Os per second limitations of your frames. Fibre Channel is the traditional method of delivering such storage to servers so it has the advantage that many people understand it and you can pull off-the-shelf designs from vendors or mix and match storage frames, SAN switches, and fibre-channel HBAs quite easily. The protocol delivers a network with low latency speeds with no possibility of collisions. iSCSI is the newer solution. The challenge in implementing iSCSI is addressing the potential for congestion on an IP-based (and therefore collision-based) protocol. These limitations can be overcome but typical IP network teams don't manage to collision rates and latency. Therefore you may face an organizational challenge. Nonetheless others have implemented iSCSI SANs so there is a growing body of practical knowledge available. According ... more
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