What are the advantages and disadvantages of handmade jewelry?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of handmade jewelry?


Advantages 1. It is unique, no one else has the same item. No two items are alike and there are people who are willing to pay for the uniqueness of handmade jewelry. 2. Generally, more durable than the machine made jewelry. Many who are in the handmade jewelry business are there not just to make money but also to practice something they love doing. Since they love jewelry making, their creations are usually made with the utmost care and dedication. 3. Makes for an interesting conversation piece because there is usually a story behind most handmade jewelry. 4. An expression of one’s individualism. There are handmade jewelry pieces that the majority wouldn’t care to wear but there are those who see them as an expression of who they are. And since no one else has that item, then the wearer is truly unique. 5. Could be a valuable item in time particularly if the creator becomes a popular artist. This has happened in other art forms where the value of the items go up with their creator’s ri

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As handmade jewelries are more and more become popular recently, it is used by everyone that looks unique, original and unusual when compared to normal machine made jewelries.

Handmade jewelries are always made from eco friendly products and natural materials that avoids problems such as skin diseases and allergies.

It exposes your personal style and sense of fashion. A handmade product gives satisfaction and it is very attractive. It can be fixed at lower cost.

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In fact, handmade products have always been popular, as it is the original decoration that people used. When there were no factories and industrial production, everything was done by hands
Now these ornaments are often eco-friendly + unique, usually, even if they make very similar products, the probability of finding the same on another person is extremely small
I often buy such handmade jewelry on the site flipam.com it’s affordable and looks cool

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– everything looks different

– people get jobs to make them instead of machines

– better, intricate designs can be made by hand instead of machines


– it’s less accurate

– it takes longer

As for me I like handmade jewelry, it always looks original. For example look for these jewelry from shungite https://shungit-gifts.com/ where else would you find this?

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