What are the advantages and disadvantages of intensive and free range poultry farming?

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The egg yolks of the free range chicken is brighter colored and stands up much higher in the pan. Fertilized free ranged eggs were used in cancer patient diets. The free range chickens keep the insect populations under control. This is especially good if you have a garden. With the varied diet both the meat and the eggs should be assumed to be more nutritious. The egg shells are harder and thicker on the free range eggs.If you grew up being awaken by the crowing of the Rooster you'd know an extra value added piece of the free range flock. The free range often lay their eggs in out of the way places. You have no idea how old an egg found is. A variety of animals prey on the free range chickens: Fox, possum and mink are just a few . You will lose a few to dogs and autos. The intensive or caged chickens are fed nutritionally balanced diets. They also have medication readily available. Many are egg layers that sap a lot of nutrition from them. They get no exercise to develop their ... more
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