What are the advantages and disadvantages of limestone quarries in the peak district national park?

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Advantages: You get limestone, which you can use for (1) Making concrete when burnt and mixed with appropriate amounts of clay (2) Limestone of suitable quality is a good dimension stone which can be used for building (3) Limestone can be used as an aggregate ( crushed rock) (4) Limestone can be used as a feedstock in some industrial processes, for example desulphurisation of coal-fired power station flue gasses, in iron and steel production or in fertilizer production. All the above provide jobs and economic stimulus. Disused quarrys, if there is no risk of contamination of the water table (uncommon in limestone areas) can then be used for landfill, currently a very lucrative business. Very old limestone quarries, once disused can become quite picturesque, become used as nature reserves, be used for recreation such as rock-climbing Abandoned or active quarries are usefull resources for geologists if access is safe. Disadvantages: Unfortunately, areas where Limestone is availible in ... more
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