What are the advantages / disadvantages of being member to SADC and not COMESA?

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Botswana is the headquarters for SADC. Benefits of the membership are realised at a political, an economic and developmental level. Efforts to rationalise markets and best practice throughout the region can only enhance the current level of effectiveness of the organisation. Botswana is not a member of COMESA and therefore can not make any direct comparison. In previous years import/export with South Africa was hampered by the discrepancy in tax regimes eg VAT in SA and General Sales Tax in Botswana. Has this problem been addressed? Botswana introduced the VAT system in July this year. The tax applies across a broad range of services and is currently 10%. Discrepancy between tax regimes in the region should therefore be significantly reduced as Sales Tax is replaced by Value Added Tax. Can you highlight any potential markets for Botswana in Africa? In terms of the African market, BEDIA has opened an office in Johannesburg to service the South African market. We would like to expand ...
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