What are the advantages & disadvantages of the following borders?

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1 Answer

WOOD BORDER Advantage: Low cost per piece Disadvantages: Sharp edge can increase the chance of injury if fallen on Slivers if walked on barefoot Chemical’s needed in the wood to protect if from rotting Needs to be sealed or painted regularly Weed eaters will damage them HARD INSTALL (BIGGEST DISADVANTAGE) Rigid wood needs to have the surface leveled prior to installing Wood needs to be drilled for recessed holes Wood is butted up to each other and may shift and move in the winter SLRT Advantages: Rounded top reduces the chance of injury if fallen on Can be walked on (kids like to use it as a balance beam) without the chance of slivers No chemicals needed and it doesn’t need to be sealed or painted Weed eaters will not damage them Very Easy Install (Biggest advantage) Easy Installation SLRT is malleable so it will go with the lay of the land, just lay the timber down and spike it in SLRT is pre-drilled for recessed holes SLRT interlocks with male and female ends Disadvantage High cost ... more
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