What are the advantages of advertising jobs online?

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1 Answer

There are many benefits to recruiting online. For example: • It's cost effective. Advertising a position on a reputable job site usually costs just a couple of hundred pounds. When comparing this cost of advertising to a newspaper or magazine that could cost you thousands of pounds, the real financial advantages of online recruitment become clear. • It's quick. A job vacancy can be added to a job site by almost anyone who has Internet access. A job could be posted on the job site in the morning, the first applications from candidates could arrive by lunchtime and potentially interviewed by the end of the day. • Great reach to desired audience. Traditional methods of advertising face some major limitations in comparison to online recruitment. For example, the success of a vacancy advertisement in a local or national newspaper depends on the right people looking at your ad on that particular page in that particular issue. Online recruitment is different candidates can search and apply ... more
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