What are the advantages of Rite-Cell® Foundation over other foundations?

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1 Answer

Rite-Cell® Foundation is the plastic core foundation with the cell structure embedded into the plastic. It requires no pinning or reinforcement of any kind and can be easily inserted into an assembled frame with grooved top and bottom bars. The cell structure is deeper than other cell embedded plastic foundations leading to less drone comb. The cells of our foundation are more defined and textured, which we have found to be more appealing to the bees. The Duragilt foundation has a smooth center core, which is then coated with wax. The cell structure is in the wax only and not in the plastic. If the wax gets damaged or chewed down, the bees are not likely to draw out the smooth plastic core. Pure wax foundations require time-consuming reinforcement and are prone to wax moth damage and chew down by the bees. With Rite-Cell®, if wax moths enter and damage your hive, one would only need to scrape off the damage and reinsert the frames into the hive.
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