What are the advantages or disadvantages to having a radon mitigation system?

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1 Answer

If the system is installed correctly and it is operating properly, the primary advantage is that you will have lower in-home radon levels. Depending on the type of mitigation system, a secondary advantage is a much lower level of humidity (dampness) inside the building, especially in houses with basements or slab-on-grade floors. If the system is an active "sub-slab-suction" design or has incorporated a vapor barrier over the bare soil, then reduced humidity may occur. In many cases, we have heard of folks getting rid of their dehumidifier after seeing how dry the basement became after switching on their mitigation system. One of the disadvantages is that you will pay a small energy penalty with an active design because of the energy required to run the small fan. Most will only draw about 50 watts. There is also a small loss of inside (conditioned) air that you may have paid to heat or cool. In poor installations, you may be able to hear the fan running. Fortunately, this complaint ... more
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