What are the bases for curriculum planning?

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Douglas Fisher in his article on “Curriculum & Instruction for all Abilities and Intelligences” writes about the elements of an inclusive curriculum design. He suggests six planning steps: Planning Step #1 – Develop a central unit issue, problem, or question Planning Step #2 – Identify richly detailed source material Planning Step #3 – Design a culminating project Planning Step #4 – Design a beginning-of-unit “grabber” or kick-off activity Planning Step #5 – Designing interrelated daily lessons Planning Step #6 – Design multiple formal and informal assessments (Fisher, 2000, 8-13) Robin Beaver and Jean Moore propose a model that asks teachers to aim for higher-order thinking skills and address various learning styles as they plan new curriculum or update old. When planning instruction, teachers should: consider goals/objectives or outcomes/standards for their lesson/unit list possible questions and activities for each level on Bloom’s taxonomy and each learning style in Gardner’s ... more
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