What are the benefits of DNA fingerprinting?

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Each person (except identical twins) has a unique set of DNA. Therefore, a person can be identified by DNA they may have left at a crime scene. The mitochondria within human cells also has DNA that may be used for identification of close relatives. The Mitochondrial DNA is passed on from mother to all children (in the female egg but not the sperm). Even a tree leaf has unique DNA and if a leaf from a crime scene is found in the bed of a suspect's pickup truck it can be used as proof that the suspect was at the crime scene. more
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Dna fingerprinting can do many things. Since it looks at your genetics which comes from your parents you can use it to find your birth parents if you were adopted. The most popular thing it is used for is crime scenes matching the dna from it to the suspects dna. dna fingerprinting requires alot of dna to run a gel so they created PCR which duplicates the dna so instead of a puddle of blood now they can just do it with a drop of blood. That process is called DNA Profiling. more

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