What are the benefits of upgrading to Pandora One? How much does upgrading to Pandora One cost?

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When you upgrade to Pandora One, you receive the following benefits: * Pandora One is free from advertising everywhere you already may choose to listen, including - Pandora on the Web, - Pandora on the Go (Pandora Mobile), and - Pandora in the Home (Pandora Devices). * High Quality 192Kbps audio streams, the highest quality streaming audio available on the internet, currently available for: - Pandora on the Web (on your computer via www.Pandora.com and the Mini Tuner), - Pandora One Desktop Application Note: Pandora Mobile and Pandora Devices do not currently support 192Kbps streams, although we're very interested in expanding High Quality audio options at some point in the future. * A sleek new Pandora One Desktop Application to free Pandora One from your web browser, giving you all of Pandora's best features in a small form factor. * Custom skins to personalize your Pandora One page. * The Pandora Mini Tuner in a much smaller web browser window for listeners who want a small form ... more
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