What are the best gift ideas for children this Christmas?

best children christmas gift ideas
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What are the best gift ideas for children this Christmas?

Faith Poole

Here’s a list of top toys for children this Christmas: 

Zhu Zhu Pets
Fisher-Price Smart Fit
Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera
Leapfrog Text and Learn
Trapdoor Checkers
Bakugan Battle Brawlers
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Kate Tarat

I used to make a small present for my kids but haven’t decided yet. I used to read a lot of information at https://wise-select.com/best-playpen-for-toddler/ where are a lot of different interesting options and info.

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I personally like making some DIY gifts. For example, this year, I have been making different Custom Lapel Pins for my friends and family. I think it is a really cool gift for everyone, especially if it is unique and meaningful. Maybe you will like this idea too, good luck with it 😉

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