What are the best mobile testing tools?

Masha Esina

What are the best mobile testing tools?

Frank Davis

As software testing is moving towards automation, most of the software testers as well as QAs are switching themselves from Manual testing to Automated testing. Today, Automated software testing is considered as one of the most trending term in the field of software testing, as it is considered as one of the efficient as well as effective software methodology, making the overall software development/testing life cycle better and taking it to some different level.

Mobile test automation provides various test solutions, which help you to verify and validate the overall functioning of the mobile apps. There are some good tools available with which you can start mobile test automation https://idapgroup.com/blog/7-best-mobile-app-testing-tools-for-ios-and-android/

Mary D

Mobile application testing requires a comprehensive and effective  automation tool, which helps in testing the application in an economical  way. Physical devices require tools of test automation, that have the  ability to merge into the testing environment.Best tools are:
1)Flex Monkey
2)Monkey Talk & Appium