What Are the Causes of Excessive Yawning After Eating?

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1 Answer

Yawning is a natural occurance. Yawning is a natural, involuntary reaction. For most of the population, yawning is associated with a person being tired or sleepy. The consensus on why we yawn seems to be that a yawn is caused from a lack of oxygen to the brain. This lack of oxygen automatically sends a message from the brain to the other parts of body. This message will then produce a yawn, which draws needed air into the lungs. By oxygenating the blood, the body will have more energy. Posture and blood-sugar levels after eating jQuery(document).ready(function(){ jQuery('#jsArticleStep1 span.image a:first').attr('href','http://i.ehow.com/images/a04/t0/7v/causes-excessive-yawning-after-eating-2.1-800X800.jpg'); }); Large meals can cause yawning. Poor posture can cause yawning. When a person is in a slouched position, pressure is put on the lungs, which will not allow them to fill with air while breathing. This is even more evident after eating. The stomach is full, which will put ... more
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