What are the chances of getting a pardon?

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"The rate of success in obtaining pardons by applicants is quite high, well over 90%, but this does not reflect any lack of diligence in considering pardon applications. Rather, it indicates that the vast majority of applicants qualify for a pardon, whereas those who would obviously not qualify are deterred from applying when they see the thoroughness of the application information they must provide, including fingerprints. " (Mr. Jacques Saada (Parliamentary Secretary to Solicitor General of Canada, Lib. HOUSE OF COMMONS debates Friday, May 14, 1999) Do you need to apply for a pardon if you got a conditional or absolute discharge? No. Discharges do not result in criminal records. However discharges will show on your police and RCMP record even though they are not convictions. If your absolute discharge occurred after July 1992, the RCMP is supposed to automatically remove that information from their computer one year after the court decision. If it was a conditional discharge, the ...
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