What are the Clusters, ZigBee Binding and Binding Table?

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top A group of a number of Attributes (more or equal to one) is referred to as Cluster. Each Cluster has a unique ID in the scope of a Profile. Cluster identifiers participate in Binding. Binding is a point-to-point logical link between Input/Output ClusterIDs belonging to one Application Object and Input/Output ClusterIDs of another Application Object. The information about which Cluster is bound between Nodes is stored in a Binding Table. The example below clarifies the binding concept. ZigBee binding and binding table The use of a list of three entries in the binding table for switch 1 allows it to control three lamps, which could also be in separate nodes (with their own ZigBee radios). It is also possible for one lamp to be controlled by several switches: in this case there would be entries for each switch, all linked to the same lamp. How is Addressing and Messaging done in a ZigBee network? top Each Node has a unique IEEE and NWK (ZigBee Network Layer) address that is assigned ... more
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