What are the Criteria to Remember when Choosing a Packing Foam?

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Alex Smith Posted

The criteria specific to the commodity
Whatever the type of merchandise, weight is a determining factor for the choice of cushioning foam. Indeed, the more the object is heavy, the more the foam must be able to absorb the shocks that may occur during transport. It is therefore necessary to choose a dense foam, respecting the standards in force to be effective .

The level of fragility of the object is also important. This is why, the more the object is fragile, the more the foam must be custom-made to avoid the games inside the box. You can order foams wellpackeurope.()com/ethafoam-stratocell-white-planks-grey-foam-polyethylene-closed-cell-foam specially adapted to the size of your products.

Transport and storage criteria
If you ship your products by air, it is obvious that the shipping conditions are not the same as road transport or high-end private carrier.

You will then adapt the packaging of your items according to this important criterion, as it is likely that your products will make several trips between the factory and the end customer. In fact, goods are often stored in transit warehouses, with significant variations in temperature and humidity. The electronic equipment is particularly sensitive to climatic variations, hence the interest of providing a foam adapted to foreseeable situations .

Finally, the shipping distance is a fundamental criterion if you send your goods to the other end of the planet. You must be sure that the package will arrive completely healthy, under normal conditions of transport.

Remember that the first impression on delivery of the package is crucial for your customer, who has the right to refuse a damaged package, especially when the cause is a poorly thought-out packaging.

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