What Are the Criticisms of Parole & Probation?

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Parole and probation have been a part of the U.S. criminal justice system since the 19th century, but critics say it is now a failing system in need of repair. Recent statistics show that almost twice as many offenders are on probation or parole as are incarcerated, according to "The Wall Street Journal." Critics say many of those on probation or parole will end up back in jail or prison. Nail 'Em, Jail 'Em The tough-on-crime attitude is detrimental: The parole and probation system too stringently subscribes to the tough-on-crime approach, according to critics such as The Justice Fellowship, a nonprofit that works on criminal justice reform. According to a "Wall Street Journal" article, instead of seeking to rehabilitate offenders, parole and probation officers use the "trail 'em, nail 'em and jail 'em" approach. According to the Justice Fellowship, this approach allows too many offenders to be sent back to jail or prison for technical violations that are not actual criminal behavior. ... more
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