What are the cross-culture attitudes towards aging?

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Other cultures react differently to both the aging process and their older citizens. For instance, in certain African and Central American tribes, elders are revered for their wisdom. They are also feared, though, because of the belief that they live so long by taking the lives of young people. In some African tribes, old women enjoy increased status because they have authority over their daughters and daughters-in-law and are greatly respected by their sons, who often have stronger ties to their mothers than to their fathers. In addition, being a grandmother automatically demands a high level of respect. In some Native American nations, as older men withdraw from other roles they have had, they increase their involvement in the community's spiritual life. Younger members of many nations have been showing more interest in rites and traditions in recent years. This renewed interest has led to an increased interest in Elders and what they can tell younger members about their history ...
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