What are the dangers of landfill methane emissions?

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1 Answer

PVC pipes may be the cause of chlorine found in some landfill air emissions. Global Warming and attack on the ozone layers are some of the impacts of flaring or just letting methane diffuse into the environment. Landfill emissions are of the one greatest single contributor to global warming in the United States. If landfills are so unsafe and obsolete as many assert, why do we keep using landfills as a method of dealing with our waste? State and federal governments subsidize raw material extraction and provide depletion allowances of billions of dollars annually. The one-way charge for collection of mixed discards to be taken to landfill is an example of welfare for wasting. Waste flow contracts that commit tonnage over time with penalties for not meeting commitment are subsidizing wasting. Not looking at the long-term costs result in subsidizing wasting. If the eventual rail haul cost to Los Angeles is $80 a ton and the tip today in Los Angeles is $25, shouldn't the charge be $80, ... more
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