What are the differences among the IACBE, ACBSP, and AACSB?

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1 Answer

There are three professional business accrediting associations: the IACBE, the ACBSP, and the AACSB. Each has its own philosophy of accreditation and exists to serve particular groups of colleges and universities. The IACBE exists to encourage, develop, and recognize excellence in business education in student-centered colleges and universities. The IACBE accredits business and business-related degree programs in colleges and universities that offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The IACBE’s accreditation process is mission sensitive and outcomes based. The ACBSP accredits degree programs in both junior colleges and senior colleges. While the ACBSP has become more outcomes based, its accreditation process tends to be more prescriptive than the IACBE’s. The AACSB serves institutions for which research is a high priority. It is the most prescriptive of the three business accrediting associations.
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