What are the differences between Federal, Parliamentary, and Confederate forms of government?

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1 Answer

Your question is a bit misplaced. If you're asking for a homework assignment, tell your teacher that it's a bad question, because the correct answer could be: nothing. Federal and confederal systems are different. A confederation is a loose association of small regional governments (counties or states) that have banded together to form a coalition for specific purposes. Usually, a confederation is established to facilitate trade and provide common defense. Thus, a single currency might be used, and a single army might be raised to protect all of the members (or they might retain their own armies). None of the regional entities can conduct their own foreign policy -- that is under control of the confederal government. However, almost all domestic policy is left to the regions. The confederal government often has very limited power to impose regulations or taxes, or enforce laws on its own. Thus, the regions have almost all of the power, and the central government has almost none. A ... more
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