What are the differences between jade and jadeite?

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Jadeite is a gem quality precious stone, hardness 6.5-7, is one kind of jade that is produced only in mines from Burma (95%) and its surrounding areas. As for jewelry, Jadeite is the most desirable and most valuable, for its rich color and shine. Because of its hardness and its special quality of changing to a more beautiful and translucent color after being worn by its owner, it is the most valuable type of jade that people all over the world are seeking after. Many people will call Jadeite as Chinese Jade. Well, it is because Burma is so close to China, and the Chinese have over three thousands years of history in carving/wearing jade. In worldwide jade market, 95% of jade is supplied from Burma, but 99% of Burma jade is shipped to China first for carving then sold from China. Serpentine, Aventurine are Jade-like stones, hardness 6-6.5, are semi-precious stones, and not of gem quality. Nephrite is jade, hardness 6-6.5. Good white color Nephrite Jade carving is a piece of art. more
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