What are the differences between Korean and Chinese cuisine?

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Now, where should i start..... It's just like Japanese and American food. They're just not the same. Korean food usually consists of bean paste(tenjang),chilli paste(ggochujang) and garlic.To Koreans,garlic is a must in 85% of their meals. Preserved foods are also common on Korean eateries.Like Kimchi and preserved horse radish. They cook dishes like bibimbap( mixed rice),jjajangmeon(noodles),bulgogi(pan fried beef with their special sauce),jon-ggul(soup with noodles and a lot of ingredints in them) barbequed meat and so on.. Koreans use as little oil in their food as possible.Whereas Chinese food,frying their food is extremely common.Koreans boil,steam,preseve and eat their food fresh like veges and some types of seafood. Chinese and Hong Kong food abit different,so don't get confused when you hear dim sum(partially equal). So there is a great difference between these 2 national foods. more
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The main ingredient for Korean food is Kimchi.  Native Chinese food has a high concentration on the vegetables as a main dish and main ingredient rather than treating them as a side dish as is common in many different types of Chinese food. Chinese food ingredients change and vary according to the region the food is prepared in.



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