What are the differences between the Mongolian religion and the Han Chinese religion ?

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Although both the religion of the Mongols and Chinese belong to Buddhism, there are great differences between those two religions: The religion (Buddhism) of the Chinese people was introduced to the Chinese people directly from India about in the 3rd century. The Buddhism, in its way to spread among the Chinese, absorbed many thoughts and ideas from Chinese culture, especially from the Confucius. The religion of the Mongols was introduced to the Mongols from Tibet in late 13 century. The original Mongol religion was Shamanism, people still can find the trace of Shamanism among the Mongols. The Mongols had made great contribution to the Lamaism. The titles of Dalai (the word Dalai is a Mongol term that mean " great/grand/huge/many or Ocean/sea") Lama and Panchen were both first given by the Mongols. more
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