What are the differences between the prevention intervention and the treatment model?

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1 Answer

There are two models and delivery protocols for parent programs: indicated and selective prevention and treatment. Generally the prevention model is shorter than the treatment model. The prevention model for the Preschool BASIC parent program recommends a minimum duration of 14 weeks and has been researched with high risk, socioeconomically disadvantaged families. It is not recommended that the Preschool BASIC or School Age BASIC prevention programs be offered in less than 14 sessions for the prevention model. Groups with translators usually require at least 18 sessions to complete the prevention version. The School Readiness program was designed as a universal intervention for non high risk populations. It takes 4-6 weeks to complete and can be offered by teachers to parents in schools. This program is currently undergoing evaluation but there is no research at present to determine its effectiveness. The treatment models of the Preschool and School Age BASIC programs vary from 18-24 ...
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