What are the differences between wax, wax/resin, and resin ribbons?

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1 Answer

Wax ribbons typically contain a high percentage of wax-based materials. These materials contribute to the melting point of the ribbon, which affects the amount of energy necessary to print. Since the waxes we use, in general, have lower melting points than the resins used, printing with wax ribbons typically requires less energy than printing with wax/resin or resin ribbons. Since most waxes used tend to be softer than the resins used, image durability for wax ribbons is typically less than that of wax/resin and resin ribbons. Most wax ribbons are made up of only one layer. Wax/resin ribbons typically contain higher percentages of resinous materials. These materials contribute to a higher melting point of the ribbons. Printing with these ribbons typically requires more energy than printing with wax ribbons. Since most resins used tend to be harder than the waxes used, image durability (and some chemical resistance) for wax/resin ribbons is typically greater than that of wax ribbons. ...
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